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Mommy needs to get dirty! Hello, I'm Krystal, your dirty perverted Mommy. If you're ready for a totally Naughty Mommy fantasy, then I'm the one for you! NOTHING is off limits with me. I like to get into those secret places in your mind where you hide all your forbidden fantasies of Mommy. The ones that make you cum SO fucking hard! I'm quite a perverted slut and I want to know just how naughty you can get! I like to talk about those forbidden desires, that nasty "young girl" fantasy you stroke to or imagine while you fuck your wife. I am a skanky Crack whore so I will sell ANYTHING to get my medicine. I will be your "Mommy Pimp" even trade my little tender sweeties for a good score of drugs. There is no fantasy or role-play I am not into. I can't even list the deviant perverted shit I talk about.

Playing in Mommy's panties or getting caught wearing them will get you punished like the little SLUT you are! I'll dress you up like my pretty little girl. My friends will make fun of you while I make you beg for my huge strap-on. I'll make that ass-pussy of yours quiver with anticipation, as I prepare to bang the FUCK out of it! You want Mommy to take you to a party and rent your pussy out!!!

Will Rent out for Krack Maybe you need some lessons in cock sucking. Are you striving to be the best little cock sucking bitch you can be? Maybe you've always wanted to suck big, thick cocks, but were afraid to do it. I'll teach you, or force you. I'll use you to clean up my pussy and ass after I've been out for a night of fucking. Mustn't let all that yummy cum go to waste!

We can use your dirty imagination, or my FILTHY one! I love age play, golden showers, ABDL, Mommy fucking, strap-on play for bitch boys or any fantasy that rocks your cock. Bring your friends home and Mommy will service them while you watch or join in! I'm the Mommy all the boys love. Take me to the place you dream about and I will jump right into your fantasy and make it a dream cum true! No need to be afraid or shy, they don't come any freakier than this Mommy. I will never judge you. I'm quite a perverted slut and I want to know just how nasty you can get! I am discreet, devious, and down right dirty. I love the desperate thought of a Crack whore, and the perverted things she will do to get high, in a lot of ways it is like me and the lengths I will go to satisfy my horny cunt, I do think that is one of my favorite fantasies, why dont you call and tell Mommy what your fantasies are? I can't wait to hear you stroke for me! Krack Whore Mommy Krystal

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